About us

We are here to save your time and money!

Global Financial Innovations provides worldwide and local solutions both for pay-ins and payouts. Our one-stop service combines innovation and compliance with global regulatory requirements.

  • is a company registered
    in England and Wales and licensed
    by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorised Payment
    Institution (API).

  • Our mission is to make payments simple for our clients, so they don’t need
    to think about the process and can just move their money the way they need.

  • Technological advancement
    and challenging tasks motivate talented people to work with us. At Global Financial Innovations Limited, meritocracy goes hand in hand
    with inclusion. And this approach provides infinite fuel for new ideas
    to blossom.

  • Close-knit team
  • Outstanding IT specialists
  • A variety of payment methods

Global Financial Innovations today

Global Financial Innovations Limited is a FinTech company, UK FCA registered as an API, operating since April 2018. We are providing corporates with digital payment accounts services as a fast and reliable way to accommodate their financial needs. Our customers can also benefit from worldwide and local processing solutions both for acquiring and mass payments thus having a one-stop-shop financial solution to grow the business. Three years of intensive and productive work with a wide range of businesses gave us a unique industry vision, which helps us to devise well-balanced solutions tailored to address our clients’ needs.

  • Data-driven payment solutions tailored to our clients' needs
  • Existing and upcoming integrations to ensure easy implementation
  • Conversion rate and fault tolerance as main priorities

Unique industry vision

Keeping in mind the complexity of money issues, we are strongly convinced that a personalized approach is the only one that can exist in the modern fintech industry. Every merchant and individual differ even if their requests sound similar. We never miss a single insight that can help us enhance customer experience. Global Financial Innovations’s team is always happy to share their knowledge and experience with like-minded people, who are ready for new challenges.

Creating a new fintech landscape together

Both our clients and our partners are allies in supporting a breakthrough approach
to payments. We respect their priorities and goals, bringing together views
from different sides of the market. Being a payment hub, one of our most demanding
tasks is to maintain this ecosystem in balance. This is our way to ensure financial
inclusion and drive excellence through collaboration and nurturing tech businesses.