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Payment accounts

Global Financial Innovations is a FinTech company, registered in England and Wales, and licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorized Payment Institution (API). GFI provides a variety of digital banking services, such as IBAN-enabled multi-currency current accounts, transfers, payments, and currency exchange

A corporate account can be opened by company’s owners, directors or authorized representatives (natural persons acting on behalf of the company). To open a corporate account, a natural person needs to register with GFI and complete an online verification process. Once verified, an application to open a business account can be submitted. To open an account please visit https://client.globalfin.uk/sign-up and sign up

Each offer is fully customized according to the business needs. Fees may vary depending on company’s business activity, geographical location, risk profile and other factors. To find out more information about our fees, country-specific rates, and volume discounts, please contact us here.

To make a transfer, please go to section Payments & transfers” in your user interface. Then, click on “Transfer Money” and choose type of the Transaction you want to make. To proceed with the payment, please fill in the required data and follow instructions.

Is it Safe?

As a Global Financial Innovations LTD customer, it’s important to us that you should carefully read information and fully understand how we protect your money hold with us.
Global Financial Innovations LTD (hereinafter –“we”, “us”, “our”) is an Authorized Payment Institution (API) regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (hereinafter-“FCA”) of the United Kingdom and is authorized to provide payment services to its customers.
English laws are applicable to us for obligation to protect customer’s money through “safeguarding” and keep it safe. We, as an API, are required to safeguard all our customers’ assets and hold them securely and separately from our assets.

Safeguarding means that, by English law, we must keep all of our customer’s money in accounts that are completely separate from the ones we use to run our business activity. So, customer’s money is backed by assets that we hold in separate accounts. These funds are called “safeguarded funds” and separate accounts for this purpose are called «safeguarding accounts».
Safeguarding requires that we ring-fence and protect customer’s money so that in the event of our company is insolvent, funds are available to be distributed back to our customers. Under the safeguarding obligations there are certain requirements that we must meet:

  • Safeguarded funds are be safeguarded from the time they are received;
  • Safeguarded funds are be segregated from the funds of the our actual business activity;
  • Safeguarded funds are placed in separate, specifically designated safeguarding accounts at a financial institution, this must be done by the end of the next business day after the safeguarding funds are received;
  • Proper procedures and processes are in place for how customers will access the safeguarded funds in the event the company is to become insolvent.

At Global Financial Innovations LTD, all customer’s funds are safeguarded in real-time in safeguarding accounts opened in authorized financial institutions in the United Kingdom and European Union. As soon as any safeguarded funds are received into our accounts, we make an equivalent transaction moving the safeguarding funds into our designated safeguarding accounts that are held with authorized financial institutions. Equally, when customers make payments from accounts held with us, we automatically reduce the balances held in our safeguarding accounts to make the outgoing payment. Records are kept of the underlying customer balances both by us, and also our safeguarding account provider, so there is a real-time and accurate record of the customer’s funds held with us.

Safeguarded funds are inaccessible to our creditors, our financial institutions or any other third parties. So, customer’s money will always be available to customer in the normal course of our business.

The protections afforded by safeguarding stay in place even in the unlikely event that our company was to become insolvent. However, if this happens, the safeguarded funds will be returned to our customers from the safeguarding accounts by the insolvency administrator.

With the aim to effectively manage safeguarding measures and protect customers’ money, we have established the Safeguarding Policy in strict compliance with Payment Services Regulations 2017 — https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/752/regulation/23/made the FCA’s role under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 and the Electronic Money Regulations 2011- https://www.fca.org.uk/publication/finalised-guidance/fca-approach-payment-services-electronic-money-2017.pdf  as well as, with the best practice recognized by common standards.

You can read more on the FCA’s website – https://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/using-payment-service-providers

If you have any questions, concerns or wish to raise a complaint about our services, you can email to banking@globalfin.uk from the email address associated with your registered account held in our company.

Payment accounts

To make a transfer, please go to section Payments & transfers” in your user interface. Then, click on “Transfer Money” and choose type of the Transaction you want to make. To proceed with the payment, please fill in the required data and follow instructions.

To receive a transfer to your account via SEPA, you need to provide a sender with your IBAN account number, first name and last name which are supposed to be used, supported by a payment reason. To receive an international SWIFT payment, please contact us directly.

If you need to close your account, please download our Account Closure Application Form , fill in the Form and upload it into our system. Our representative will contact you shortly after receiving the application.

To upload documents into our system, please go to “Settings”, select “Documents”, and click on “Choose file”. Please select the document you need to upload.