Accepting payments

Let your customers pay you
the way they prefer

Connect your internet business to payment systems
and promptly set up a process for receiving online
payments from users across Europe, CIS, and other
countries. Our system is suitable for any e-commerce
business – from e-wallets and freelance platforms
to online games and microcredit.

  • Higher conversion rate

    We can accept both card payments
    and a great variety of the most popular and modern alternative methods, including payments from
    e-wallets, mobile phone accounts,
    and many more.

  • Focus on your business

    Our main task is to provide the solution best tailored to your business goals and needs and offer optimal contractual arrangements and technologies for your activity. Global Financial Innovations Limited also offers a wide range
    of additional services and an individual approach
    to tariffs.

  • Battle-tested security

    We provide a fast and reliable payment acceptance platform with highly scalable infrastructure.
    Its reliability is confirmed by PCI DSS 3.2 level 1 security certification and FCA licence. Data security and compliance are at the core of our processes.
    All sensitive data is encrypted and transmitted only via SSL-secured channels.

Global Financial Innovations’s pay-in solutions

  • Bank Cards

    • VISA/MasterCard pay-ins accepted all over
      the world* (USD, EUR)
    • AmericanExpress bank cards
    • UnionPay bank cards
    • VISA/MasterCard in Ukraine
      and Kazakhstan (UAH, KZT)
  • Alternative methods

    • Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
      one-click payments
    • Mobile commerce
  • Special services

    • Recurring payments
    • P2P transactions
    • Integration opportunities for businesses not allowed to store personal payment information (we are a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant service provider)
    • Payment cascading

* Excluding USA and countries blocked for VISA and MasterCard transactions.