A variety of payment channels
at your disposal.

We work both with pay-ins and payouts, but we take special pride
in our mass payment solutions. We instantly credit money
to individuals' e-wallets, mobile accounts, and bank cards with Visa
Money Transfer and MasterCard MoneySend protocols. Your clients
will get their money the way they want.

  • With us you can go Global

    We have broad experience of working with European finance regulators. Our onboarding processes are done in strict compliance with local legal requirements, so you don’t have to build this extremely difficult infrastructure yourself.

  • 99% Uptime

    Moving money within a certain time frame is crucial for a large number of industries. We use smart routing and cascading, keeping up with the state
    of the art.

  • Anti-Fraud

    Fintech can seem dangerous when it comes
    to security issues. We have developed a screening system to prevent bad actors' activities or blacklist card payments. Our goal is to give you the bank level stability without loosing the focus
    on technological innovation.

  • Fast Launch Option

    If your need in payouts is strictly tied to specific dates (e.g., a marketing campaign), we have
    a simplified onboarding option. Please contact
    our manager for more details about certain restrictions of this solution.

  • Instant Transfers

    We strive for unbeatable speed of money transfers. In most cases it takes less than 10 seconds after receiving an order via API. The same applies
    to Money Transfer (Visa) and MoneySend (Master Card) solutions.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our dedicated support engineers help our clients with every issue they face from day one.

Mass payouts in a nutshell

  • API

    User-friendly and quick to set up. We carefully analyse all the feedback we receive from
    our clients and never stop working on improving the convenience of our service.

  • Payouts sandbox

    We will provide you with a demo access to our system during the integration process, so we can be sure that all the payment methods you’ve selected work smoothly.

  • Merchant Dashboard*Coming soon

    We provide a comprehensive view of all statistics and transactions, respecting both your clients’ information safety and your business needs in one interface.

  • Payouts to bank cards

    • No need to keep reserves in each payment system
    • Automatic currency conversion at the lowest rates available in the market
    • An end-to-end document management system with contracts, monthly service reports, etc.
    • Direct gateways to bank and payment systems for instant transfers at the lowest rates
  • Payouts to alternative channels

    • Worldwide and local solutions to reach
      all of your customers
    • Popular with freelancers, cashback services and webmasters
    • Alternative doesn’t mean less secure. Every channel is protected and regulatory compliant